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Lynn Yaeger Loves Be A Star

Guita M Makes Jewelry You’ll Want to Wear Now - The Adventurine

Amanda Gorman’s Jewels Were A Gift from Oprah

The Poignant Meaning Behind Kamala Harris\'s Inauguration Jewelry - Town & Country

W Magazine: Andy Warhol’s Protégé, an Armani Alumnus, Is Redefining Pearl Jewelry

Wilfredo Rosado didn’t start out as a luxury high jeweler and the founder of his own brand, W. Rosado.
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Robb Report: This Jewelry-Filled Pop-Up Boutique in NYC Is a Holiday Shopping Shangri-La

Lynn Loves Jewelry - Lynn Yaeger Loves The MUSE Pop-Up

The Adventurine: Muse Launches a Holiday Pop-Up in Manhattan

The New York Times: Gifts That Glitter

The Daily Front Row: Jewelry Lovers Alert: Jennifer Shanker Opens MUSE Pop-Up in West Village

Forbes: The International Designer Showroom Opens A Pop Up Shop For The Holiday Season

Lynn Loves Jewelry - Lynn Yaeger Loves The Tara Hirshberg Zodiac Collection

Lynn Loves Jewelry - Red Zone

Red zone—danger ahead! But it is the most delicious, delightful kind of danger—a deep glamour, a fearless Feminist take-no-prisoners kind of menace! Fire engine red! Traffic-stopping red!
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Lynn Loves Jewelry - Why Does Lynn Yeager Love Holly Dyment So Much?

Vogue: Wilfredo Rosado’s New Fine Jewelry Line Improves on the Pearl Necklace

When the jeweler Wilfredo Rosado set out to launch his new contemporary fine jewelry line, W.Rosado, he discovered that it would not take merely a village—but a global village—to realize his vision.
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Forbes: Wilfredo Rosado Uses Pearls To Launch New Fine Jewelry Brand

High jewelry artist, Wilfredo Rosado, has always managed to combine contemporary art, high fashion and exceptional high jewelry craftsmanship for his one-of-a-kind pieces that have earned him critical acclaim and a loyal clientele.
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National Jeweler: Muse Showroom’s Newest ‘Have a Heart’ Ambassador Is Cynthia Erivo

Muse Showroom has announced its most glamorous charitable representative yet.
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The Adventurine: Cynthia Erivo Joins Have A Heart x Muse

Find out about the superstar’s passion for jewelry and the Loveland Foundation
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Cynthia Erivo x The Loveland Foundation

We are ecstatic to announce our newest Have A Heart Ambassador, Cynthia Erivo, in support of The Loveland Foundation, a charity dear to Cynthia\\\'s heart
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Forbes: Muse’s Charming Initiative Continues To Have Heart

Have A Heart x Ten Thousand Things

Our newest initiative is Have A Heart x Ten Thousand Things with 100% of the proceeds going to support Black Lives Matter and Breonna Taylor.
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