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KWIT is a canvas on which you can paint your spirit, share your heart and adorn your voice. With the power to encapsulate memories and spark conversation, this jewelry is as witty and unique as you are.

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Large Heart Throb Charm White
Small Heart Throb Charm Black
Diamond LOVE Necklace
Diamond LOVE Necklace Sale price$4,250
Green and Coral Amortentia Double Sided Heart Charm
A pink enamel Heart Signet Ring adorned with white diamonds, featuring a yellow gold heart by KWIT.
Heart Signet Ring - Pink enamel Sale price$5,000
A white diamond-encrusted KWIT gold Heart Signet Ring.
Heart Signet Ring - White enamel Sale price$5,000
A KWIT Orb Ring with a pink stone in a yellow gold setting.
Orb Ring - Pink Tourmaline Sale price$4,500
A pink stone KWIT Orb Ring with gold accents and a yellow gold setting.
Orb Ring - Chalcedony Sale price$3,800
Red Amortentia Enamel Heart Charm
Amour du Soleil Enamel Heart Charm
JEN Diamond Nameplate Necklace
JENNY Nameplate Necklace
JENNIFER Nameplate Necklace