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Buddha Mama

Buddha Mama, a Miami-based fine jewelry line created by Nancy Badia and her daughter Dakota, merges Buddhism-inspired designs with 20k gold, precious stones, and enamel. Born from bead stringing for Zen Village, their collection combines Eastern symbolism with modern flair.

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Gold Sun Drop Earrings
Gold Evil Eye Wrap Ring
Swirl Mandala Pendant
Evil Eye Bangle Bracelet
Sun Drop Earrings
Buddha Mama
Sun Drop Earrings Sale price$18,150
Evil Eye Band Ring
Evil Eye Heart Earrings
Grey Enamel Chain Link Bracelet
Gold Evil Eye Wrap Ring
Enamel Evil Eye Bracelet
Peace Coin Pendant
Buddha Coin Pendant
Mandala Pendant
Buddha Mama
Mandala Pendant Sale price$9,900
Green Faux-Leather Necklace
White Hamsa Pendant
Green Hamsa Pendant
Star Pavé Ring
Buddha Mama
Star Pavé Ring Sale price$6,000
Diamond Pavé Heart Ring
Blue Evil Eye Wrap Ring
An Egyptian Guitar Pick Pendant with turquoise and peridot, featuring diamond accents by Buddha Mama.
Buddha Mama
Guitar Pick Pendant - Sky Sale price$8,100
Pink and blue Guitar Pick Pendant with diamond accents from Buddha Mama.
Buddha Mama
Guitar Pick Pendant - Pink Sale price$7,600
A Baby Om Coin Pendant from Buddha Mama with an engraved om symbol on a chain.
A Buddha Emerald Coin Necklace from Buddha Mama with a bee on it.
A Buddha Mama Puffy Heart Gold Charm pendant on a white background.
A sky blue Puffy Heart Pendant with a turquoise heart shape, adorned with diamonds, set in yellow gold by Buddha Mama.
Buddha Mama
Puffy Heart Pendant - Sky Sale price$2,500
A Puffy Heart Pendant by Buddha Mama, with diamonds on a yellow gold chain, featuring an enamel pendant and diamond bail.
Buddha Mama
Puffy Heart Pendant - Pink Sale price$2,500
A Buddha Mama Small Puffy Heart Diamond Charm with diamond pavè.
Buddha Charm Small