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Lorraine West

This Brooklyn-based, self-taught jewelry designer, crafts pieces infused with spiritual and cultural roots. Her creations have graced stars like Zendaya and Beyoncé, embodying a blend of symbolic design and intuitive connection. Each piece tells a story, not just of high-end art but of heritage, passion, and beauty.

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Tsavorite Open Heart Charm
Orange Sapphire Open Heart Charm
Diamond Open Heart Charm
Blue Sapphire Open Heart Charm
Waves Diamond Ring
Gold Open Heart Charm
Ruby Open Heart Charm
Major Necklace
Lorraine West
Major Necklace Sale price$1,815
Vertical Eye Open Heart Ring
Triple Open Heart Ring
Open Heart Cuff Arm Cuff
Mini Open Heart Ring
A Lorraine West Heart Eye Ring with an eye in the heart center.
Lorraine West
Heart Eye Ring - 6 Sale price$2,860
Multi-Color Open Heart Charm