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Michal studied a range of design disciplines, including art, fine jewelry, and fashion. The latter commanded her passion early on, and by the age of twelve, she sought books and magazines to satisfy her curiosity for European couturiers and Japanese deconstructionists. Following the opening of a fashion boutique in Tel Aviv, her innovative designs quickly rose to prominence, and she cultivated a distinguished clientele that included international celebrities and socialites.
As a jewelry designer, Michal has received numerous accolades for CADAR, including FGI “Rising Star” in the fine jewelry category in 2016, “Best in Gold” at COUTURE 2017, and “Gold Design of the Year” in the 2018 inaugural Town & Country Magazine Jewelry Awards.

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A pair of Cadar Four Shell Drop Earrings.
A pair of Cadar Smooth Shell Stud earrings on a white background.
A pair of small Cadar wavy gold-plated shell stud earrings in yellow gold.
A Cadar Reflections Ring in 18k yellow gold adorned with a sparkling white diamond.
Reflections Ring Sale price$3,950
A pair of Cadar Reflections Hoop Earrings.
A yellow gold Cadar Foundation Pyramid Ring with a square design, suitable as a pinky ring.
A Cadar Foundation Square Chain Necklace made of 18k yellow gold, featuring a gold plated choker with a glamorous allure.
A pair of Cadar Foundation Hoop Earrings on a white background.
Foundation Hoop Earrings Sale priceFrom $4,500
A pair of Cadar 18k yellow gold Foundation Pyramid Studs earrings.
A Cadar Foundation Square Chain Bracelet.
A Cadar yellow gold-plated Feather Necklace on an adjustable length chain.
Feather Necklace Sale price$4,900
Medium Cadar Feather Drop Earrings in 18k yellow gold on a white background.
Feather Drop Earrings Sale price$3,900
A Cadar Endless Heart Necklace adorned with white diamonds on a chain.
Endless Heart Necklace Sale price$4,900
A light-catching Wings of Love Necklace with an adjustable chain length by Cadar.
Wings of Love Necklace Sale price$5,290
A pair of Cadar Wings of Love stud earrings on a white background.
A pair of Cadar Endless Heart Hoop Earrings adorned with diamonds.
The Cadar Wings of Love Bracelet is a stunning 18k yellow gold-plated bracelet featuring a delicate small charm.
Wings of Love Bracelet Sale price$3,000
A Cadar Trio Pinky Ring with white diamonds.
Trio Pinky Ring Sale price$9,900