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The Gem Palace, established in 1852 in Jaipur and once jewelers to Mughal emperors, is now led by ninth-generation Siddharth Kasliwal. He maintains a legacy of blending traditional Indian craft with contemporary design, honoring his late father's belief in creating timeless, generational jewelry.

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Citrine & Diamond Frog Pendant NecklaceCitrine & Diamond Frog Pendant Necklace
Aquamarine & Sapphire Frog Pendant NecklaceAquamarine & Sapphire Frog Pendant Necklace
Amethyst & Diamond Frog Pendant Necklace
Fire Opal & Emerald Frog Pendant Necklace
Iolite & Diamond Frog Pendant Necklace
Pink Tourmaline & Diamond Frog Pendant NecklacePink Tourmaline & Diamond Frog Pendant Necklace
Aquamarine & Diamond Frog Pendant NecklaceAquamarine & Diamond Frog Pendant Necklace
Citrine & Emerald Frog Pendant NecklaceCitrine & Emerald Frog Pendant Necklace
A yellow gold Frog Ring with a ruby stone by Munnu.This Munnu Frog Ring features a charming stone frog.
Amethyst Frog Ring Sale price$4,200
A Munnu Frog Ring adorned with lapis lazuli and pink sapphires.A Munnu hand-carved yellow gold Frog Ring.
Lapis Frog Ring Sale price$4,300
Diamond Monkey Charm
Diamond Monkey Charm Sale price$6,600
Diamond Moon CharmDiamond Moon Charm
Diamond Moon Charm Sale price$2,068
Diamond Turtle CharmDiamond Turtle Charm
Diamond Turtle Charm Sale price$3,720
Diamond Frog CharmDiamond Frog Charm
Diamond Frog Charm Sale price$3,850
Diamond Clover CharmDiamond Clover Charm
Diamond Clover Charm Sale price$2,890
A pair of Vinework Heart Earrings adorned with pink tourmalines and green stones from Munnu.
Vinework Heart Earrings Sale price$14,800
A Munnu Lapis Frog Necklace with hand-carved lapis frogs and a gold chain necklace.A Lapis Frog Necklace by Munnu, with lapis and blue beads and featuring hand-carved lapis frogs with ruby eyes.
Lapis Frog Necklace Sale price$14,500
A Munnu yellow gold bracelet with green and blue tourmaline beads.A Munnu yellow gold bracelet with Square Tourmaline beads.
A hand-carved Frog Ring adorned with a red stone and diamonds, made by Munnu.A woman's hand holding a Munnu Frog Ring with a pink stone.
Tourmaline Frog Ring Sale price$5,800
A Lotus Cuff Bracelet crafted in yellow gold, adorned with pink and green tourmaline stones, Munnu.
Lotus Cuff Bracelet Sale price$25,000
An Indo-Russian silver chain necklace with flat oval link chain, adorned with diamonds by Munnu. An Indo-Russian silver chain necklace with flat oval link chain, adorned with diamonds by Munnu.
Indo-Russian Chain Link Necklace - Silver Sale price$24,750
A Munnu Diamond Elephant Charm with blue sapphire eyes.The Munnu Diamond Elephant Charm showcases stunning blue sapphire eyes.
Diamond Elephant Charm Sale price$4,820
A Munnu Indo-Russian Narrow Oval Necklace with diamonds.Indo-Russian Narrow Oval Necklace
Munnu Diamond Hamsa Charm adorned with sapphires.
Diamond Hamsa Charm Sale price$2,475
A stunning Indo-Russian Wide Oval Necklace adorned with dazzling diamonds from Munnu.
A small Diamond Ganesh Charm pendant on blackened silver from Munnu.
Diamond Ganesh Charm Sale price$3,920
A Munnu Diamond Heart Charm with white diamonds.A silver necklace with a Diamond Heart Charm and other charms, including a heart charm, Munnu.
Diamond Heart Charm Sale price$3,850
A Munnu Diamond Butterfly Charm adorned with diamonds against a white background.A Munnu silver necklace with a Diamond Butterfly Charm and other charms, including a blackened silver accent.
Lapis & Diamond Frog Pendant NecklaceLapis & Diamond Frog Pendant Necklace