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FUTURA: where sparkle meets sustainability! Crafting with 18kt, mercury-free, Certified Fairmined Ecological gold, every piece is an echo of ethical elegance. Their pieces advocate for a shiny, sustainable future.

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A-line Puffy Heart Charm
FUTURA Essentials Contemporary Studs with stud detail.
A Futura Sri Ring, a hexagonal-shaped belt ring crafted from 18k yellow gold.
Sri Ring - 18k Yellow Gold Sale price$2,900
Futura Link BraceletFutura Link Bracelet
Futura Link Bracelet Sale price$2,990
Globe Love Locket CharmGlobe Love Locket Charm
A Futura Peruvian Moche Owl Charm in yellow gold on a white background.A black woman wearing a white sweater and gold jewelry, including a Futura Peruvian Moche Owl Charm.
A Futura Endure Ring handcrafted with a buckle.A Futura Endure Ring, a handcrafted gold plated ring with a knot in the middle.
Endure Ring Sale price$3,300
Essentials Uptown Earrings
This yellow gold chain necklace features a charming Futura Sagittarius Necklace.
Sagittarius Necklace Sale price$3,500
A Futura Capricorn Necklace with an image of an eagle.
Capricorn Necklace Sale price$3,500
A Futura Aquarius necklace with a yellow gold coin.
Aquarius Necklace Sale price$3,500
A Futura Pisces Necklace with a gold coin medallion.
Pisces Necklace Sale price$3,500
A fair-minded pair of FUTURA Essentials Reflective Hoops.A fair-minded pair of FUTURA Essentials Reflective Hoops yellow gold hoop earrings.
Two FUTURA Essentials Hoop Earrings on a white background.
A pair of Ancient Power Hoop Earrings by Futura with stud details.
A pair of Legends Deity hoop earrings by FUTURA.
A pair of FUTURA Legends Lampshade Earrings, made with 18k yellow gold.
A pair of Dancing Disc Earrings by Futura, yellow gold-plated hoop earrings.
Dancing Disc Earrings Sale price$5,900
Odyssey Charm
Odyssey Charm Sale price$10,450
A mobile Elena Bracelet with hearts on it. (Brand name: Futura)A Elena Bracelet by Futura, with an ornate design, gold-plated.
Elena Bracelet Sale price$17,500