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NYC's Beck brings the sunny, laid-back charm of Curaçao to your jewelry box. Trained in Italy and alumnus of Carolina Herrera, she crafts not just pieces, but personal stories in shimmering gold and gems, each piece a chapter of warmth and elegant Caribbean ease.

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A Beck Scuba Trio Bangle adorned with a captivating blue topaz stone.A yellow gold Scuba Trio Bangle by Beck on a white background, adorned with a precious stone.
Emerald Trio Bangle Sale price$10,450
Tanzanite Ripple Ring
Tanzanite Ripple Ring Sale price$8,950
Grotto Margherita Pearl & White Diamonds EarringsGrotto Margherita Pearl & White Diamonds Earrings
Gold Scuba Ring with Diamond PavéGold Scuba Ring with Diamond Pavé
Grotto Emerald Stud Earrings
Grotto Diamond Stud Earrings
Open Grotto Emerald RingOpen Grotto Emerald Ring
A stunning Scuba Ring by Beck featuring an oval blue topaz set elegantly in lustrous yellow gold.A statement Scuba Ring in Beck yellow gold.
Scuba Blue Topaz Ring Sale price$4,850
Cabochon Scuba Citrine RingCabochon Scuba Citrine Ring
A Beck Scuba Choker Necklace with a blue topaz stone on a leather cord.A woman wearing a blue shirt and gold necklaces, including a Beck Scuba Choker Necklace.
Sol Diamond Choker Necklace
Diamond Pavé Scuba Choker NecklaceDiamond Pavé Scuba Choker Necklace
Scuba Cabochon Aquamarine Choker Necklace
Scuba Cabochon Blue Topaz Choker Necklace
Scuba Green Amethyst Choker Necklace
Aquamarine Ripple Pinky Ring Aquamarine Ripple Pinky Ring
Costa Flip CharmCosta Flip Charm
Costa Flip Charm Sale price$13,850
A yellow gold Mona Diamond Ring with two rows of diamonds. This exquisite piece dazzles with its brilliance and sophistication, showcasing the timeless beauty of diamonds set in lustrous yellow gold. The meticulously crafted Beck ring truly captures the essence of luxury and elegance.The Beck Mona Diamond Ring is an exquisite piece crafted in 18k yellow gold, featuring two rows of dazzling diamonds.
Mona Diamond Ring Sale price$3,950
Oja De Luna Charm
Oja De Luna Charm Sale price$4,345
A Scuba Citrine Cabochon Choker Necklace with a yellow citrine stone on a brown leather cord by Beck.A woman with long dark hair wearing a Beck Scuba Citrine Cabochon Choker Necklace on a leather cord.
Mini Grotto Black Pearl Earring
Emerald Ripple Ring
Emerald Ripple Ring Sale price$13,950
Grotto Pink Tourmaline Stud Earrings
Open Grotto Diamond RingOpen Grotto Diamond Ring
Aqualung Heart CharmAqualung Heart Charm
Aqualung Heart Charm Sale price$15,345
Platinum Scuba Ring with Diamond PavéPlatinum Scuba Ring with Diamond Pavé
An oval Scuba Ring in yellow gold, a Beck statement ring.A Beck Scuba Ring with a citrine stone.
Scuba Citrine Ring Sale price$4,850
Cabochon Scuba Amethyst RingCabochon Scuba Amethyst Ring
Karko Ring with White DiamondKarko Ring with White Diamond
Blue Topaz Grotto Ring Blue Topaz Grotto Ring
Blue Topaz Grotto Ring - 18 Yellow Gold Sale price$3,350
Acro Diamond Pavé Ring Acro Diamond Pavé Ring
Acro Diamond Pavé Ring - 18k Yellow Gold Sale price$8,950
Scuba Amethyst Cabochon Choker Necklace
A Scuba Choker Necklace with a yellow citrine stone on a brown leather cord.A woman in a grey tank top with a yellow Beck Scuba Choker Necklace.
Ancla NecklaceAncla Necklace
Ancla Necklace Sale price$3,500
Scuba Hoop EarringsScuba Hoop Earrings
Scuba Hoop Earrings Sale price$5,950
Scuba Stud EarringsScuba Stud Earrings
Scuba Stud Earrings Sale price$5,450
Open Grotto Hoops with PearlOpen Grotto Hoops with Pearl
Open Grotto Hoops with Pearl Sale priceFrom $2,950
Grotto Margherita Pearl & Tanzanite EarringsGrotto Margherita Pearl & Tanzanite Earrings
Grotto Diamond Mini StudsGrotto Diamond Mini Studs
Arco Hoop EarringsArco Hoop Earrings
Arco Hoop Earrings Sale price$8,850
Arco Reversible EarringsArco Reversible Earrings
Arco Reversible Earrings Sale price$11,500
A yellow gold Scuba Trio Bangle by Beck on a white background, adorned with a precious stone.Scuba Diamond Trio Bangle
La Ola Wave CuffLa Ola Wave Cuff
La Ola Wave Cuff Sale price$39,000