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Pink and blue Guitar Pick Pendant with diamond accents from Buddha Mama.A Buddha Mama *Guitar Pick Pendant* necklace with an eye on it.
A Nak Armstrong heart pendant adorned with multi-colored crystals, including pink tourmaline and bi-color tourmaline.A woman wearing a gold dress with a Nak Armstrong heart pendant.
Nak Armstrong
Heart Pendant Sale price$8,415
Feelings Sun Charm
An Egyptian Guitar Pick Pendant with turquoise and peridot, featuring diamond accents by Buddha Mama.Two Guitar Pick Pendants from Buddha Mama on a yellow gold chain.
Cosmogonie Secrète Heart CharmCosmogonie Secrète Heart Charm
Odyssey Charm
Odyssey Charm Sale price$10,450
A yellow gold locket with a Granulated Heart Charm and Prounis sapphire charm.Diamond Granulated Heart Charm
An Ondyn Diamond Fringe Charm adorned with diamonds.A woman in a tan coat wearing a gold necklace and Ondyn's Diamond Fringe Charm earrings.
Costa Flip CharmCosta Flip Charm
Costa Flip Charm Sale price$13,850
Mandala Pendant
Buddha Mama
Mandala Pendant Sale price$15,200
Aqualung Heart CharmAqualung Heart Charm
Aqualung Heart Charm Sale price$15,345
Swirl Mandala Pendant