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A Cry Baby Mask Emerald Charm pendant by NGHI with emerald stones.
Red Marquetry Heart Charm
Diamond Clover CharmDiamond Clover Charm
Diamond Clover Charm Sale price$2,890
Snake Heart Charm
Large Diamond Radial Eye CharmLarge Diamond Radial Eye Charm
Tsavorite Open Heart CharmTsavorite Open Heart Charm
Diamond Halo Heart Charm
Blue Sapphire Open Heart Charm
Globe Love Locket CharmGlobe Love Locket Charm
A Futura Peruvian Moche Owl Charm in yellow gold on a white background.A black woman wearing a white sweater and gold jewelry, including a Futura Peruvian Moche Owl Charm.
Orange Sapphire Open Heart CharmOrange Sapphire Open Heart Charm
Black Ruby Evil Eye Heart Charm
Diamond Open Heart CharmDiamond Open Heart Charm
Red Evil Eye Heart Charm
Buddha Charm SmallBuddha Charm Small
Multi-Color Open Heart Charm
Chevalier CharmChevalier Charm
Red Rectangular Marquetry Earrings
T-Bar Pendant Diamond WhiteT-Bar Pendant Diamond White
Large Heart Throb Charm White
Red Amortentia Enamel Heart Charm
Green and Coral Amortentia Double Sided Heart CharmGreen and Coral Amortentia Double Sided Heart Charm
Happy Octopus CharmHappy Octopus Charm
Wine Diamond Evil Eye Heart Charm
Vision Mask Diamond Charm
Ruby Open Heart CharmRuby Open Heart Charm
Orange Diamond Evil Eye Heart CharmOrange Diamond Evil Eye Heart Charm
Small Greek Love Charm Pink Tourmaline
Diamond Turtle CharmDiamond Turtle Charm
Diamond Turtle Charm Sale price$3,720
Diamond Fuck You Charm
T-Bar Pendant Diamond BlackT-Bar Pendant Diamond Black
A Munnu Diamond Butterfly Charm adorned with diamonds against a white background.A Munnu silver necklace with a Diamond Butterfly Charm and other charms, including a blackened silver accent.
A Munnu Diamond Heart Charm with white diamonds.A silver necklace with a Diamond Heart Charm and other charms, including a heart charm, Munnu.
Diamond Heart Charm Sale price$3,850
Diamond Frog CharmDiamond Frog Charm
Diamond Frog Charm Sale price$3,850
A small Diamond Ganesh Charm pendant on blackened silver from Munnu.
Diamond Ganesh Charm Sale price$3,920
Ora Silk Heart CharmOra Silk Heart Charm
Ora Gold Silk Talisman CharmOra Gold Silk Talisman Charm
Evil Eye Heart CharmEvil Eye Heart Charm
Orange Mother of Pearl Heart Charm
Ora Midnight In Love Charm
Denim Robot Pendant
Denim Robot Pendant Sale price$4,250
A Prounis Granulated Heart Charm pendant with a garnet stone.
Oja De Luna Charm
Oja De Luna Charm Sale price$4,345
Labradorite Scarab Charm
Midnight Ora Talisman LOVE Charm
Blue Eye Heart Charm
Blue Eye Heart Charm Sale price$4,445
Disco Robot PendantDisco Robot Pendant
Disco Robot Pendant Sale price$4,450
Large Pink Tourmaline Greek Love Charm
An Anna Maccieri Rossi yellow gold heart shaped pendant with diamond accented stars and a silk finish.
Citrine Diamond Evil Eye Heart CharmCitrine Diamond Evil Eye Heart Charm