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Ah, pearls. The epitome of timeless elegance, these gems have held a place of reverence in human history long before diamonds declared themselves our best friends. Picture this: Cleopatra dissolving a pearl in vinegar just to win a bet. Talk about a power move. And yes, that really happened (apparently.) But pearls aren't just historical relics; they're the ultimate summer accessory, capturing the essence of the ocean and all its shimmering, mysterious beauty.

As June's birthstone, pearls are having their moment in the sun — quite literally. These oceanic wonders, created by humble (oddly adorable) mollusks, remind us that true beauty often comes from the unlikeliest and most natural of places. 

At MUSE, we've rounded up a collection of pearl pieces that would make even the most discerning mermaid envious. From the exquisite craftsmanship of Mellerio to the modern flair of Beck and the artistic genius of Silvia Furmanovich, our selection proves that pearls are anything but passé. So, dive into our curated picks and let these oceanic treasures add a splash of sophistication (and a dash of wit) to your summer wardrobe.


Mellerio’s Lien Perles Necklace offers a sublime fusion of history and modernity that feels right at home in the glittering, eclectic streets of New York. Picture this: a half pearl, half gold chain that doesn't just sit pretty around your neck but makes a statement. This isn't your grandmother's string of pearls—though she'd probably be envious.

The Lien Perles Necklace is a tribute to the opulence of the Renaissance, nodding to the lavish tastes of Queen Marie de Médicis with a contemporary twist. Each white baroque freshwater pearl is meticulously paired with a handmade 18k yellow gold chain link, creating a captivating contrast that’s as bold as it is elegant. And the pièce de résistance? The signature Mellerio cut clasp has a signature flourish that ensures this necklace stands out in any jewelry box.

Think of it as a wearable art, where every link tells a story of Mellerio’s storied past, from setting the pearl standard in early 20th century France to adorning today’s fashion-forward elite. Whether you choose to wear it as a choker or let it drape, the Lien Perles Necklace proves that pearls—and those who wear them—are anything but conventional. (And being the charm lovers we are, our favorite way to wear it is with a Mellerio Cameo and Baby Medal charm.)

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Beck's Grotto Margherita Pearl & Tanzanite Earrings embody the perfect blend of Caribbean charm and New York sophistication, bringing a touch of oceanic elegance to your jewelry collection. These earrings don’t just sit pretty; they tell a story, capturing the laid-back elegance of island life and the refined sophistication of New York City.

Crafted in polished 18K yellow gold, these earrings feature round, white Akoya pearls that are the epitome of timeless grace. Surrounding these lustrous gems are sparkling round white diamonds, set in a unique scuba setting that’s both playful and luxurious. The tanzanite adds a pop of deep blue, reminiscent of the ocean waves that inspire the AWA collection. Designed with 18K yellow gold post backs, they promise both comfort and style, perfect for an ocean swim or a formal affair—because why shouldn’t your jewelry be as multifaceted as your lifestyle?

Beck Jewels’ founder infuses each piece with a narrative of contrasts—raw and polished, strong and fine, fluid and grounded. The Grotto Margherita earrings are a testament to this philosophy, seamlessly blending the ease of Caribbean jewelry with the sophisticated edge of New York. They’re not just accessories; they’re part of your story, effortlessly transitioning from day to night, from casual swims to elegant soirées.



Silvia Furmanovich's Beaded Pearl and Marquetry Fringe Mala isn't just an accessory; it's a conversation starter, an art piece, and a testament to the designer's unparalleled eye for design.

The necklace features a long, pearl bead chain that exudes timeless sophistication with its neutral palette. At the heart of this striking composition hangs an ornate marquetry sphere adorned with a delicate brown leaf pattern. This intricate detail pays homage to the natural world, reflecting Furmanovich’s deep appreciation for organic beauty and meticulous craftsmanship.

Anchoring the piece is a dramatic seed pearl tassel that shimmers with every movement, adding a touch of playful elegance. The tassel not only provides a dynamic visual contrast but also ensures that this necklace catches the light—and admiring glances—from every angle.


And that's just a drop in the ocean—dive into more pearl perfection here.


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