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Unexpected Pearls

These are not your grandmother's pearls.

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Upcycled Double Heart Charm
Carpe Diem & LOVE Ceramic Charm
Pink Opal Charm Necklace
White Shell Ring
Ora Rainbow Air Half an Hour Mini Sapphire Earrings
Large Shell Necklace with Seed Pearls
Beaded Pearl and Marquetry Fringe Necklace
Ora Rainbow Earth Half an Hour Mini Sapphire Earrings
Pink Mother of Pearl Mini Adjustable Ring
Ora Rainbow Aqua Half an Hour Mini Sapphire Earrings
Grotto Margherita Pearl & Tanzanite Earrings
A stunning yellow gold ring adorned with the mesmerizing Ora Midnight in Love Mini Adjustable Ring by Anna Maccieri Rossi.
Mini Grotto Black Pearl Earring
A pair of Anna Maccieri Rossi Ora Hoop Earrings with white stones.
Ora Pure Talisman Charm
The Ora Midnight In Love Necklace designed by Anna Maccieri Rossi features a gold-plated pendant adorned with an elegant black and white heart.
A yellow gold Mother of Pearl Heart Charm with a diamond in the center from Anna Maccieri Rossi.
Leaves Marquetry Earrings with Pearl
A yellow gold pendant with a pink and yellow marble and Mother of Pearl Vertical Eye Charm from Anna Maccieri Rossi.
Green & White Woven Bamboo Tassel Necklace
Ora Midnight Fan Earrings
Ora Pure Fan Earrings
Ora Pure Open Circle Ring
An Ora Midnight in Love Ring by Anna Maccieri Rossi, heart shaped, yellow gold ring adorned with diamonds and mother of pearl.
Red & Navy Woven Bamboo Tassel Necklace
Grotto Margherita Pearl & White Diamonds Earrings
Ora Night & Day Necklace