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Article: GIFT GUIDE: Chic Moms on What They ACTUALLY Want for Mother's Day

GIFT GUIDE: Chic Moms on What They ACTUALLY Want for Mother's Day

GIFT GUIDE: Chic Moms on What They ACTUALLY Want for Mother's Day

As Mother's Day approaches, the time-honored tradition of gifting jewelry remains a heartfelt way to express love and gratitude. While jewelry has historically been a popular choice for this special day (and for good reason), it's essential to focus on pieces that resonate with the real desires of modern moms.

At MUSE, we delve deeper, moving beyond the conventional to discover what stylish and chic mothers truly crave in their jewelry boxes. Here, we connect with fashionable mamas we admire who share their personal picks and the meaningful reasons behind their choices from MUSE's exquisite collection. Join us as we explore these coveted treasures and uncover the jewels that real moms really want this Mother's Day. 

The Literal Heart

Lorraine West's Open Heart Charm

"My dope little family has my whole entire heart! So, it only makes sense that I would love this Lorraine West "Open Heart" charm. It's such a unique design and an instant Wareham clan heirloom!"

Julee Wilson, Beauty Editor at Large, Cosmo

The Quintessential Signet

Christina Alexiou's Diamond Niki Signet Ring

“I don't know what the mythological Greek character of Niki signifies, but if motherhood has taught me anything it's to trust your instincts and mine tell that I need this signet ring in my life.”

Kerry Pieri, artist, writer and author of the newsletter Why Not? 

The Playful Choker

Bea Bongiasca's Rock Crystal Heart Pop Choker

"Edgy, but still girly -- just like me! I love the choker which is ideal for me who is victim to tangled chains and also grabby baby hands."

Jane Kim Roggen, Chic Mama and Strategist

The Most Luxe Toy

Van's Disco Robot Pendant

"I have been lusting after this necklace for over a year and fingers crossed this is my year to receive it!!  The robot design is so fun and I love a piece that is a conversation starter.  I also love a special piece of jewelry that can complete even the simplest jeans and white tee outfit."

Jordan Foster, stylist and co-founder of Favorite Daughter

The Ultimate Cuff

Munnu Lotus Cuff Bracelet

"The bracelet feels like an instant heirloom to me — a merging of today’s contemporary freshness in yellow gold and a delightful gem patterning from the past that I connect to so strongly. It feels like something collected on travels I dream of taking. I see it going equally as well with my white t-shirt and jeans as I do with my white summer dresses and sandals. Is it Summer yet?"

Erica Samuels, Art Advisor and Founder, Samuels Creative

The Statement Making Ring

Beck Ripple Ring

"My favorite piece at MUSE since the first time I ever walked in the doors has been Beck's Ripple ring. I would love it in any color, but if I had my druthers would probably get one created in my daughter's birthstone, peridot. With that said, I'm insanely impatient, so would be THRILLED with an in-stock option of emerald." 

Ruthie Friedlander, Jewelry Enthusiast and Founder of At Large Agency

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