Have A Heart X MUSE

Have A Heart Charming Combinations Necklace


Have A Heart X MUSE Charming Combinations Necklace featuring charms by Michelle Fantaci, Essere, Christina Alexiou, Marlo Laz, Ten Thousand Things, Holly Dyment, Anna Maccieri Rossi, Jenna Blake, Elena Votsi, Eli Top, Lito, Carolina Neves, KWIT, Vram, Tara Hirshberg, Luis Morais, and Bea Bongiasca on a 40" 9K Elena Votsi handmade chain

Product Details
Reference Number: HAH79
Gemstone(s): diamond, emerald, ruby, sapphire, mother of pearl
Metal Type: 18K, 14K, 9K yellow gold, white gold, rose gold
Dimensions (inches): 32

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