Soull Ogun of L’Enchanteur

The conceptual fruit of identical twin designers, Soull & Dynasty Ogun, L'ENCHANTEUR is a creative incubator inspired by the sciences, colour theory, numerology, religion, mythologies, & magic fairy tales, as methods of healing. L'ENCHANTEUR seeks to communicate timeless inspirations of spirituality behind each of their pieces, creating clothing, jewelry, and lifestyle items that redefine the meaning of an heirloom. L'ENCHANTEUR creates works that carry the ethos of multiple dimensional, cosmic relics that pierce through space and time while documenting the mysticism of the veiled to the unveiled. Each work is created to be collected and archived, birthing relics in the present moment while using these totems as healing tools. Sustainable artifacts are the mission of L'ENCHANTEUR, discovered in present and existing in the future.Embodying their motto, Transform Your Lifestyle, Dynasty and Soull push forward on an upward and unknown path to introduce a new vision of spiritual design and storytelling decorums to the world.