Nikos Koulis

Greek designer Nikos Koulis studied literature and philosophy before pursuing his affection for the world of jewelry at the Gemological Institute of America. He created his own namesake brand, Nikos Koulis Jewels, in 2006, showcasing his artistic signature, elaborate technique, and deep knowledge in jewelry making with proprietary workshops and exquisite stones sourced in special cuts from all around the world. Nikos received the GEM Award 2020 in Jewelry Design, the most prestigious award in the international jewelry industry. He has also won the Couture Design Award four times, the Town & Country Jewelry Award twice, and he was granted the 2017 International Jewelry Designer Award at the VicenzaOro exhibition in Italy. The greatest testament to Nikos’s talent, though, is his diverse and devoted clientele – people from all around the world who collect his pieces, treasuring their uniquely timeless aura. @nikoskoulisjewels