Alina Abegg

Alina Abegg Jewels launched in Berlin in 2016. The first collection, Cosmic Escape, is a portal to the 90s with colorful planets and UFOs – an out-of-this-world exploration of our universe and beyond. After 3 years of getting wonderfully lost in the Cosmos, Alina debuted her second collection, Sugar High, featuring a selection of candy-inspired pieces sprinkled with her signature of nostalgia, playfulness, and bold, geometric designs. For her whole life, Alina has always been fascinated with gemstones, or as she calls them, “nature’s work of art.” She pursued degrees in Gemology and Jewelry Design from GIA in New York after finishing her studies at Istutito Marangoni in London, and it was there that she learned how to cultivate the magic hidden away in her memories and transform it into modern treasures. Her family’s heritage of European silk manufacturing also plays an important role in her design philosophy, manifesting as an appreciation for high-end craftsmanship, an ethos of luxury, and an attention to detail that is evident in every piece.