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Silvia Furmanovich

A creative alchemist based in Brazil, Silvia Furmanovich celebrates global cultures through her artful designs. Born into a family of Italian goldsmiths, she founded her business in 1998, opening her first boutique in 2009. Her creations blend found artifacts, traditional techniques, and various materials to craft timeless, one-of-a-kind wearable art.

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Autumn Leaves Drop Earrings with Garnet and Diamond
Beaded Pearl and Marquetry Fringe Necklace
Beaded Rose Quartz Necklace with Marquetry Sphere
Bird Marquetry Fan Earrings
Black Floral Marquetry Drop Earrings
Black Marquetry Bottle Necklace
Black Marquetry Butterfly Earrings
Blue and Ivory Marquetry Butterfly Ring
Blue Green Butterfly Earrings
A Silvia Furmanovich Blue Ikat Ring with a marquetry design featuring a blue and pink ikat print.
Blue Marquetry Butterfly Earrings
Blue Marquetry Fan Earrings
Blue Marquetry Oval Earrings
Brown Shell Earrings
Ebony Heart Charm
Emerald Butterfly Marquetry Earrings
Floral Marquetry Fan Ring
Floral Marquetry Handbag
Green Botanical Marquetry Butterfly Earrings
Green Bottle Earrings
Green Butterfly Earrings with Diamond and Tsavorite
Green Ikat Marquetry Handbag
Green Marquetry Butterfly Handbag
Labradorite Scarab Charm
Leaves Marquetry Clutch with Prasiolite
Leaves Marquetry Earrings with Pearl
Lotus Flower Drop Earrings
Marquetry Bottle Earrings
Marquetry Butterfly Necklace
A pair of Silvia Furmanovich Marquetry Fan Earrings with wood marquetry flowers on them.
Micromosaic Shell Earrings
Mini Leaves Marquetry Drop Earrings with Diamond
Mini Leaves Rectangle Marquetry Earrings
Mini Tropical Citrus Marquetry Drop Earrings with Diamond
Mini Tropical Citrus Marquetry Earrings with Diamond
Multicolor Marquetry Bottle Necklace
Orange and Brown Floral Marquetry Drop Earrings
Orange Butterfly Earrings
Orange Marquetry Butterfly Earrings
Orange Shell Earrings
Pink Botanical Marquetry Butterfly Earrings
Pink Butterfly Earrings with Garnet and Diamond
Pink Ikat Marquetry Fan Earrings
Pink Ikat Marquetry Handbag
Red and Brown Marquetry Butterfly Handbag
Red Marquetry Butterfly Earrings with Diamond and Ruby
Red Marquetry Heart Charm
Round Drop Floral Marquetry Earrings
Trapezoid Floral Marquetry Drop Earrings
Tropical Citrus Marquetry Box