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Emerald Ripple Ring
Emerald Ripple Ring Sale price$14,450
A Munnu Lapis Frog Necklace with hand-carved lapis frogs and a gold chain necklace.A Lapis Frog Necklace by Munnu, with lapis and blue beads and featuring hand-carved lapis frogs with ruby eyes.
Lapis Frog Necklace Sale price$14,500
Gypsy Bangle BraceletGypsy Bangle Bracelet
Jenna Blake
Gypsy Bangle Bracelet Sale priceFrom $14,800
A pair of Vinework Heart Earrings adorned with pink tourmalines and green stones from Munnu.
Vinework Heart Earrings Sale price$14,800
Ruby Kin NecklaceRuby Kin Necklace
Vice Versa
Ruby Kin Necklace Sale price$14,990
Feelings Diamond Layer Bangle BraceletFeelings Diamond Layer Bangle Bracelet
Aqualung Heart CharmAqualung Heart Charm
Aqualung Heart Charm Sale price$15,345
Together Diamond Cuff Bracelet
Forever BraceletForever Bracelet
Flower Chain NecklaceFlower Chain Necklace
Together Tapered Diamond EarringsTogether Tapered Diamond Earrings
Gemini BraceletGemini Bracelet
Vice Versa
Gemini Bracelet Sale price$15,720
Heart and Feather CuffHeart and Feather Cuff
Black Scarab NecklaceBlack Scarab Necklace
Three Stone Ring Emerald Three Stone Ring Emerald
Rainsun Heart NecklaceRainsun Heart Necklace
Rainsun Heart Necklace Sale price$16,280
Open Heart Cuff Arm CuffOpen Heart Cuff Arm Cuff
Grand Illumine Diamond Earrings
A Sloth Magia Pendant Necklace by Daniela Villegas with a rose gold opal heart and a teddy bear on it.A woman is wearing a Daniela Villegas Sloth Magia Pendant Necklace with an opal heart pendant.
A rose gold Daniela Villegas Cabiero ring with a heart shaped ruby stone.
Daniela Villegas
Cabiero Ring - 18k Rose Gold Sale price$16,500
Together Buckle Cuff Bracelet
Whispers of Meroë Deben Earrings
Aria Ball Chain NecklaceAria Ball Chain Necklace
A Diamond Pavè Nautical Link Necklace with white diamonds on a gold chain by Jenna Blake.An adjustable diamond pavè nautical link necklace with an oval charm by Jenna Blake.
Me Gold Cuff BraceletMe Gold Cuff Bracelet
Me Black Gold Cuff BraceletMe Black Gold Cuff Bracelet
A mobile Elena Bracelet with hearts on it. (Brand name: Futura)A Elena Bracelet by Futura, with an ornate design, gold-plated.
Elena Bracelet Sale price$17,500
Enamel Evil Eye Bracelet
Diamond Bar Dryada Agate NecklaceDiamond Bar Dryada Agate Necklace
Diamond Carabiner Bangle BraceletDiamond Carabiner Bangle Bracelet
Rubellite Marlene D Ring
Sun Drop Earrings
Buddha Mama
Sun Drop Earrings Sale price$18,150
Swirl Mandala Pendant
Astraea Milky Way NecklaceAstraea Milky Way Necklace
Feelings Diamond Bangle BraceletFeelings Diamond Bangle Bracelet
Rubellite Princess Ring
Feelings Baguette Cuff BraceletFeelings Baguette Cuff Bracelet
Fringe NecklaceFringe Necklace
Jenna Blake
Fringe Necklace Sale priceFrom $20,800
Grey Enamel Chain Link Bracelet
Me Necklace Black GoldMe Necklace Black Gold
An Indo-Russian silver chain necklace with flat oval link chain, adorned with diamonds by Munnu. An Indo-Russian silver chain necklace with flat oval link chain, adorned with diamonds by Munnu.
Indo-Russian Chain Link Necklace - Silver Sale price$24,750
A Fringe Necklace Emerald by Jenna Blake with emerald stones on a yellow gold chain.A woman wearing a Jenna Blake Fringe Necklace Emerald on a rope chain.
A Lotus Cuff Bracelet crafted in yellow gold, adorned with pink and green tourmaline stones, Munnu.
Lotus Cuff Bracelet Sale price$25,000
1001 Nights Earrings1001 Nights Earrings
Diamond Carabiner NecklaceDiamond Carabiner Necklace
Smokey Quartz Payal NecklaceSmokey Quartz Payal Necklace
A stunning Indo-Russian Wide Oval Necklace adorned with dazzling diamonds from Munnu.
A Munnu Indo-Russian Narrow Oval Necklace with diamonds.Indo-Russian Narrow Oval Necklace
Feelings Necklace
Oui White Diamond Cord BraceletOui White Diamond Cord Bracelet