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A Fringe Necklace Emerald by Jenna Blake with emerald stones on a yellow gold chain.
Fairy Realm Iguana Necklace
El Venado Felix Pendant Necklace
Tigers Eye Beaded Necklace
Aria Ball Chain Necklace
Turquoise Charm Necklace
Lapis Charm Necklace
Rock Crystal Charm Necklace
Pink Opal Charm Necklace
Marquetry Butterfly Necklace
Multicolor Marquetry Bottle Necklace
Black Marquetry Bottle Necklace
Beaded Rose Quartz Necklace with Marquetry Sphere
Beaded Pearl and Marquetry Fringe Necklace
Rainsun Heart Necklace
Rainsun Heart Necklace Sale price$16,280
Frisé Pendant Diamond Necklace
A Nouvel Heritage Latch Chain Yellow Gold Full Diamond Necklace with a gold-plated clasp.
Diamond Luck Necklace
Mystic Love Diamond Necklace
Me Gold Necklace
Oui Pavé Diamond Necklace
Oui Diamond Necklace
Together Diamond Necklace
Me Necklace Black Gold
A Nikos Koulis Feelings Diamond Necklace with black diamonds and a white diamond accent.
Frog Pendant Necklace
Frog Pendant Necklace - Iolite / Diamond Sale price$6,875
Frog Pendant Necklace
Frog Pendant Necklace
Frog Pendant Necklace
Frog Pendant Necklace
Frog Pendant Necklace
Frog Pendant Necklace
Frog Pendant Necklace
Frog Pendant Necklace
Frog Pendant Necklace - Lapis / Diamond Sale price$6,875
Diamond Constellation Pendant Necklace
Clear Nomoli Totem Fan Pendant Necklace
Black Hoop Pendant Necklace
A Luis Morais Multi-color Beaded Cube Necklace with a 14k yellow gold plated bead.
Diamond LOVE Necklace
Diamond LOVE Necklace Sale price$4,250
JEN Diamond Nameplate Necklace
JENNY Nameplate Necklace
JENNIFER Nameplate Necklace
A Diamond Pavè Nautical Link Necklace with white diamonds on a gold chain by Jenna Blake.
Heishi Bead Necklace Diamond White and Turquoise
Heishi Bead Necklace Diamond Multi-color
Fringe Necklace
Jenna Blake
Fringe Necklace Sale priceFrom $20,800
Small Shell Necklace with Seed Pearls
Large Shell Necklace with Seed Pearls
A Christina Alexiou Puffy Heart Necklace on a white background.
Love Me Necklace
Palmyra Necklace
Coin Heart Diamond Necklace
Daisy Diamond Necklace
Karma Necklace
Oval Chain Necklace
Kiss Necklace
A Christina Alexiou Circle Flower Necklace with a flower pendant.
Dotted Heart Necklace