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Pink Opal Charm NecklacePink Opal Charm Necklace
A Christina Alexiou Agape Heart Charm pendant on a white background.
Circle Border Heart CharmCircle Border Heart Charm
Petit Bleu Be a Star Earring
Petit Vert Be a Star Earring
Turquoise Charm Necklace
Lapis Peacock EarringsLapis Peacock Earrings
An orange Mother of Pearl round charm pendant with a star, adorned with an Anna Maccieri Rossi accent.A woman is posing with several Anna Maccieri Rossi yellow gold necklaces adorned with Orange Mother of Pearl and diamond accents on her chest.
Maroon Heart Charm
Lapis Charm Necklace
A pair of Anna Maccieri Rossi yellow gold Ora Half an Hour Micro Earrings with diamond center.
Long Fingers Crossed Charm
Amour du Soleil Enamel Heart Charm
Skull Charm
Luis Morais
Skull Charm Sale price$1,960
Red Heart CharmRed Heart Charm
Mark Davis
Red Heart Charm Sale price$1,980
Swirl Heart Charm
Mark Davis
Swirl Heart Charm Sale price$1,980
Spiral Heart Charm
Diamond Moon CharmDiamond Moon Charm
Diamond Moon Charm Sale price$2,068
A Halo Heart Charm pendant from Tara Hirshberg, made of yellow gold, on a white background with a sunburst design.
Small Greek Love Charm Lapis
Onyx Anna Charm
Onyx Anna Charm Sale price$2,145
Small Heart Throb Charm Black
A Christina Alexiou 18k yellow gold Protective Eye Charm on a white background.
Citrine Robot CharmCitrine Robot Charm
Citrine Robot Charm Sale price$2,200
True North Heart Charm
Rose Quartz Peacock EarringsRose Quartz Peacock Earrings
Moonstone Peacock Earrings
Miracle Love Charm EmeraldMiracle Love Charm Emerald
Rage Amulet Mask Charm
Rage Amulet Mask Charm Sale price$2,420
A NGHI pendant featuring a woman's face adorned with upcycled rubies, designed as a love charm to support charity:water.
Vision Mask Ruby Charm Sale price$2,420
Mini Open Heart RingMini Open Heart Ring
Munnu Diamond Hamsa Charm adorned with sapphires.
Diamond Hamsa Charm Sale price$2,475
An Anna Maccieri Rossi Art Dreamy Charm featuring a blue-sky design with clouds.A black woman wearing a green tank top and Anna Maccieri Rossi's hand painted Art Dreamy Charm necklace with a round charm.
Layered Heart CharmLayered Heart Charm
Fernando Jorge
Layered Heart Charm Sale priceFrom $2,530
Chrysoprase Peacock EarringsChrysoprase Peacock Earrings
Ebony Heart Charm
A Daniela Villegas Love Fish Charm with a sapphire heart stone.
Black Nomoli Totem CharmBlack Nomoli Totem Charm
A Mini Ora Midnight In Love Charm by Anna Maccieri Rossi, with a mother of pearl, diamond, and 18k yellow gold.
An 18k yellow gold Daniela Villegas Love Fish Charm with a red stone.
An 18k yellow gold Love Fish Charm by Daniela Villegas with a blue sapphire.
A Lorraine West Heart Eye Ring with an eye in the heart center. A Lorraine West Heart Eye Ring with an eye in the heart center.
Lorraine West
Heart Eye Ring - 6 Sale price$2,860
Vertical Eye Open Heart Ring Vertical Eye Open Heart Ring
Citrine Coin Heart CharmCitrine Coin Heart Charm
A Cry Baby Mask Emerald Charm pendant by NGHI with emerald stones.
Red Marquetry Heart Charm
A Silk Plaquette Bracelet by Anna Maccieri Rossi with a diamond tag on it.
Diamond Clover CharmDiamond Clover Charm
Diamond Clover Charm Sale price$2,890
Push Cube Charm BraceletPush Cube Charm Bracelet
Futura Link BraceletFutura Link Bracelet
Futura Link Bracelet Sale price$2,990