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Labradorite Mini Split Heart Charm
Rose Quartz Mini Split Heart Charm
Aquamarine Mini Split Heart Charm
Moonstone Mini Split Heart Charm
Amethyst Mini Split Heart Charm
Lapis Mini Split Heart Charm
No. 66 Children's Bear Sweater
Citrine Mini Split Heart Charm
Cord Cube Bracelet
Moonstone Cut Heart Charm
A Luis Morais Multi-stone cube Bracelet adorned with multi-stone beads.
No. 60 Pink Vest
No. 60 Pink Vest - Cashmere Sale price$425
No. 55 Tan Sweater Vest
A Luis Morais Multi-color Beaded Cube Necklace with a 14k yellow gold plated bead.
No. 07 Shades of Blue Sweater
A pair of O'Keefe earrings by Ten Thousand Things, featuring stunning labradorite stones, set in gleaming yellow gold.
Lapis & Coral Stone Eye Charm
Chalcedony & Chrysoprase Stone Eye Charm
No. 66 Bear Sweater
No. 66 Bear Sweater - Cashmere Sale price$575
No. 51 Rainbow Sweater
No. 61 TV Sweater
No. 61 TV Sweater - Cashmere Sale price$575
No. 67 Eye Cardigan
No. 67 Eye Cardigan - Cashmere Sale price$650
No. 54 Flower Cardigan
A pair of Ten Thousand Things O'Keefe Earrings on a white background.
Twisted Rope Huggies
A pair of Ten Thousand Things O'Keefe Earrings on a white background.
Jade & Turquoise Stone Eye Charm
Rose Quartz & Pearl Stone Eye Charm
T-Bar Pendant Gold
A solid yellow gold Puffy Heart ring adorned with amethyst on a white background, by Christina Alexiou.
A Puffy Heart Ring made by Christina Alexiou of yellow gold on a white background.
A Luis Morais gold-plated pendant with a shell and yellow gold. Short Fingers Crossed Charm
Aquamarine & Jade Stone Eye Charm
A Christina Alexiou Puffy Heart Necklace on an adjustable length chain.
A Puffy Heart Necklace by Christina Alexiou, on a yellow gold chain with an adjustable length.
Cobalt Flower Drop Earrings
Panna Flower Drop Earrings
A pair of Ten Thousand Things O'Keefe Large Labradorite Earrings, placed on a white surface.
Multicolor Flower Drop Earrings
Gold Maxi Loop Ring
Black Enamel Maxi Loop Ring
White Enamel Maxi Loop Ring
Pistachio Enamel Maxi Loop Ring
Pink Enamel Maxi Loop Ring
A Christina Alexiou Agape Heart Charm pendant on a white background.
Yellow Gold Spectrum Earrings
White Gold Spectrum Earrings
A Christina Alexiou 18k yellow gold Protective Eye Charm on a white background.
Latch Chain
Nouvel Heritage
Latch Chain - 33.5" Sale price$3,350
A Nouvel Heritage Latch Chain Rose Gold Partial Diamond Necklace on a white background.
Nouvel Heritage
Latch Chain - 33.5" Sale price$3,350
Cry Me a River Diamond Necklace