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Anna Maccieri Rossi

Anna Maccieri Rossi is not your average jewelry designer, but an artist crafting time into wearable luxuries. With roots in elite watchmaking and a childhood bathed in the glow of her mom's boutique, Anna serves up celestial splendor on your favorite stones, all with an irresistibly Italian touch. Every piece is an homage to time, spun with skilled hands and a sprinkle of Florentine flair.

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A Silk Finish Yellow Gold Hollow Heart Charm by Anna Maccieri Rossi with dazzling white diamonds accentuating it and an open center.
Ora Silk Round Charm
An orange Mother of Pearl round charm pendant with a star, adorned with an Anna Maccieri Rossi accent.
Ora Silk Heart Charm
An Rainbow Cloud Eye Charm with sapphires set in Anna Maccieri Rossi yellow gold.
Diamond Eye Charm
A yellow gold pendant with a pink and yellow marble and Mother of Pearl Vertical Eye Charm from Anna Maccieri Rossi.
Mariana Chain
Crescent Moon Adjustable Ring
A yellow gold ring with a diamond in the center, featuring a star. The product is the Striped Gold Adjustable Ring from Anna Maccieri Rossi brand.
Pink Mother of Pearl Adjustable Signet Ring
Carpe Diem Charm
Ora Half an Hour Mini Sapphire Earrings
Ora Half an Hour Mini Sapphire Earrings
Ora Half an Hour Mini Sapphire Earrings
A pair of Anna Maccieri Rossi Ora Half an Hour earrings with a gold-plated star in the middle.
Art Dreamy Adjustable Ring
An Anna Maccieri Rossi Art Dreamy Charm featuring a blue-sky design with clouds.