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Circle Border Heart Charm
Circle Drop Earrings
Circle Eye Charm
Circle Eye Charm
A Christina Alexiou Circle Flower Necklace with a flower pendant.
A pair of Christina Alexiou Circle Heart Latch Earrings with a circle border.
Circle Heart Ring
A pair of Christina Alexiou Circle Heart Stud Earrings with a yellow gold circle border.
A stunning pair of Christina Alexiou Circle Heart Wire Earrings, elegantly crafted from 18k yellow gold.
Citrine Coin Heart Charm
Citrine Diamond Evil Eye Heart Charm
Citrine Granulated Heart Charm
Citrine Robot Birthstone Charm
Clarity Heart Diamond Charm
Clarity Heart Diamond Earrings
Classic Ball Chain Necklace
Classic Edge Band
Classic Heavy Ball Chain Neckalce
Classic Paperclip Chain
Classic Paperclip Chain - 14k Yellow Gold Sale price$1,340
Clear Nomoli Totem Fan Pendant Necklace
Coin Heart Diamond Necklace
Constellation Cuff Bracelet
Constellation Drop Diamond Earrings
Constellation Oval Pendant Necklace
Constellation Stud Earrings
Continuum Diamond Hoop Earrings
Coral Eyecon Ring
Cord Cube Bracelet
Cosmogonie Secrète Heart Charm
Costa Flip Charm
Costa Flip Charm Sale price$14,250
Crescent Moon Adjustable Ring
Crescent Moon Eye Charm
An Anna Maccieri Rossi yellow gold heart shaped pendant with diamond accented stars and a silk finish.
Crest Earrings
Crest Earrings Sale price$6,600
A Cry Baby Mask Emerald Charm pendant by NGHI with emerald stones.
Cry Me a River Diamond Necklace
Crystal Heart Charm
Daisy Diamond Necklace
Daisy Earrings
Christina Alexiou
Daisy Earrings Sale priceFrom $3,410
A pair of Dancing Disc Earrings by Futura, yellow gold-plated hoop earrings.
Dancing Disc Earrings Sale price$5,900
Demetra Coil Ring
Demetra Hoop Earrings
Demetra Ring
Denim Robot Pendant
Denim Robot Pendant Sale price$4,250
Desert Rising Protection Cuff
Diamond and Peridot Marquetry Earrings
Diamond and Ruby Robot Earrings
Diamond and Sapphire Bangle Bracelet
Diamond Bar Pin
Diamond Bar Pin Sale price$1,850
Diamond Briolette Necklace
Diamond Briolette Pom Pom Earrings