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Rubellite Princess Ring
Ruby Open Heart Charm
Ruby Reggy Robot Pendant
Ruby Reggy Robot Pendant Sale price$5,450
Sad Flower Charm
Sage Green Bakelite Bangle Bracelet
This yellow gold chain necklace features a charming Futura Sagittarius Necklace.
Sagittarius Necklace Sale price$3,500
Salinas Diamond Ring
Salinas Diamond Ring - 14k Yellow Gold Sale price$1,800
Sardinia Chain with Charm Clasp
Scalloped Circle Charm
A Christina Alexiou Scarab Aventurine Pendant.
Scarabaeus Ring
A Christina Alexiou Scarabeus Bracelet with intricate grains of solid gold and two small balls fastened to it.
A stunning pair of Scarabeus Stud Earrings by Christina Alexiou on a white background.
Scuba Amethyst Cabochon Choker Necklace
A stunning Scuba Ring by Beck featuring an oval blue topaz set elegantly in lustrous yellow gold.
Scuba Blue Topaz Ring Sale price$4,250
Scuba Cabochon Aquamarine Choker Necklace
Scuba Cabochon Blue Topaz Choker Necklace
A Scuba Citrine Cabochon Choker Necklace with a yellow citrine stone on a brown leather cord by Beck.
A Scuba Choker Necklace with a yellow citrine stone on a brown leather cord.
An oval Scuba Ring in yellow gold, a Beck statement ring.
Scuba Citrine Ring Sale price$4,250
A yellow gold Scuba Trio Bangle by Beck on a white background, adorned with a precious stone.
A Beck Scuba Trio Bangle adorned with a captivating blue topaz stone.
Scuba Green Amethyst Choker Necklace
Scuba Hoop Earrings
Scuba Hoop Earrings Sale price$5,150
Scuba Stud Earrings
Scuba Stud Earrings Sale price$5,250
A Beck Scuba Choker Necklace with a blue topaz stone on a leather cord.
Shell Earrings with Colored Diamonds
Shell Heart Charm
A Luis Morais gold-plated pendant with a shell and yellow gold. Short Fingers Crossed Charm
A pair of Bea Bongiasca Short Wave Earrings with a diamond finish.
A Silk Finish Yellow Gold Hollow Heart Charm by Anna Maccieri Rossi with dazzling white diamonds accentuating it and an open center.
A Silk Plaquette Bracelet by Anna Maccieri Rossi with a diamond tag on it.
An Anna Maccieri Rossi Silk Plaquette Necklace with a heart shaped pendant.
Silk Road Marquetry Butterfly Earrings
Silk Road Marquetry Tray
Siren Diamond Ring
Siren Diamond Ring - 14k Yellow Gold Sale price$2,400
Skull Charm
Luis Morais
Skull Charm Sale price$1,960
An Egyptian Guitar Pick Pendant with turquoise and peridot, featuring diamond accents by Buddha Mama.
A sky blue Puffy Heart Pendant with a turquoise heart shape, adorned with diamonds, set in yellow gold by Buddha Mama.
A Sloth Magia Pendant Necklace by Daniela Villegas with a rose gold opal heart and a teddy bear on it.
Small Black Lip Heart Charm
Small Chrysoprase Heart Charm
Small Daisy Diamond Necklace
Small Diamond Bulla Pendant Charm
Small Diamond Snake Ring
Small Dot Heart Drop Earrings
Small Greek Love Charm Lapis
Small Greek Love Charm Pink Tourmaline
Small Heart Throb Charm Black
Small Pink Opal Heart Charm