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A Versa Mini ring adorned with Vice Versa diamond pavé.
A Vice Versa Versa Ring Diamond with diamond pavé band rings.
Vice Versa
Versa Ring Diamond Sale price$13,590
Vertical Eye Open Heart Ring
A pair of Bea Bongiasca Vine Drop Earrings with diamond embellishments.
Swirled Vine Marquise Earrings by Bea Bongiasca with diamond pavé.
A Bea Bongiasca Vine Ring with a bird sitting on top.
Bea Bongiasca
Vine Ring Sale price$690
A pair of Vinework Heart Earrings adorned with pink tourmalines and green stones from Munnu.
Vinework Heart Earrings Sale price$14,800
Vision Mask Diamond Charm
A NGHI pendant featuring a woman's face adorned with upcycled rubies, designed as a love charm to support charity:water.
Vision Mask Ruby Charm Sale price$2,420
Voyage Diamond Cuff Bracelet
Wave Marquetry Handbag
A Bea Bongiasca wave ring with a swirl design in yellow gold.
A Bea Bongiasca wave ring with a yellow gold band and diamond finish.
A Bea Bongiasca yellow gold wave ring decorated with red and white diamonds.
A Bea Bongiasca Wave Ring made of yellow gold, adorned with black and white diamonds.
A Bea Bongiasca wave ring adorned with green and white diamonds.
A pair of small Cadar wavy gold-plated shell stud earrings in yellow gold.
Whispers of Meroë Deben Earrings
White Hamsa Pendant
White Shell Ring
Wide Drop Floral Marquetry Earrings
Wine Diamond Evil Eye Heart Charm
The Cadar Wings of Love Bracelet is a stunning 18k yellow gold-plated bracelet featuring a delicate small charm.
Wings of Love Bracelet Sale price$3,000
A light-catching Wings of Love Necklace with an adjustable chain length by Cadar.
Wings of Love Necklace Sale price$5,290
A pair of Cadar Wings of Love stud earrings on a white background.
Wood Fish Earrings
Woven Bamboo Tassel Necklace
Woven Bamboo Tassel Necklace
XOXO Heart Charm
Yellow and Blue Butterfly Earrings
Yellow Red Butterfly Earrings