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Article: TREND WATCH: Updated Tennis Bracelets

TREND WATCH: Updated Tennis Bracelets

TREND WATCH: Updated Tennis Bracelets

In our latest TREND REPORT, we serve up a fresh take on a quintessential piece of jewelry: the tennis bracelet. This classic has not only aced the test of time but has also embraced a modern twist that's making waves in the jewelry scene. Before we dive into the present, let’s take a brisk walk down memory lane to understand the heritage of this iconic accessory.

The tennis bracelet is a timeless symbol of subtle sophistication. Traditionally, it's a simple, elegant band of diamonds worn around the wrist. Its origins are steeped in sports luxury, famously getting its name when professional tennis player Chris Evert lost her diamond bracelet during a US Open match in 1978. The game paused to recover the sparkling piece, and since then, the 'tennis bracelet' has become a byword for understated luxury.

And now? There's an all out tennis bracelet's evolution. It's no longer just a string of identical diamonds; it's been reinvented with new gemstones, colors, and designs that reflect the individuality of the wearer. The updated tennis bracelet maintains its original grace while offering a fresh and fashionable twist that resonates with contemporary tastes. Here are some of our favorites.

The Gemini Bracelet

Yellow gold ball dual row ball chain bracelet with floating center diamonds.

The Gemini Bracelet is a standout reinterpretation of the classic. This bracelet marries the traditional elegance of the tennis bracelet with the duality of the Gemini. With stones that mirror each other in pairs, it represents the twin essence of its namesake. Each stone reflects a facet of the wearer’s personality, just as Gemini embodies multifaceted traits. This bracelet isn’t just a piece of jewelry; it's a personal statement.

The Heart Rainsun Tennis Bracelet


The Heart Rainsun Tennis Bracelet takes a more whimsical approach. Where the traditional tennis bracelet whispers elegance, the Heart Rainsun shouts joy and playfulness. Adorned with heart-shaped embellishments and sun-motif locks, it's for the wearer who brings light and love wherever they go. This piece is a celebration, an ode to the joyous moments and the sunny dispositions.

The updated tennis bracelet is a meld of tradition and modernity, a perfect piece for those who appreciate the classic lines of jewelry but yearn to express their contemporary spirit. With these pieces, we invites you to celebrate the legacy of the past while making your unique mark on the present.

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