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Article: MUSE COUTURE CONVOS: Nikos Koulis



Welcome to "Muse COUTURE Convos," where we journey into the world of exceptional fine jewelry with the talented designers showcasing their fabulous collections at the annual COUTURE Show in Las Vegas. In this exciting series, we explore the inspirations, craftsmanship, and stories behind some of the most stunning collections in the industry. Join us as we chat with these visionary artists, unveiling the passion and creativity that drive their work. Whether you're a seasoned collector or a jewelry enthusiast, our conversations promise to inspire and enchant, bringing you closer to the heart of jewelry.

Designer Nikos Koulis, transitioned from academics to jewelry and founded his namesake brand in 2006. He is renowned for his globally sourced, uniquely cut stones and expert craftsmanship. Garnering prestigious awards like the 2020 GEM Award and multiple COUTURE Design Awards, his timeless pieces captivate a dedicated, worldwide clientele.

Tell us what you’re focusing on or debuting at COUTURE this year.

I am debuting and focusing on two collections this year. 

I am presenting my first men’s capsule, ME+N, based on the clean, minimalistic quality and pure aesthetic of my ME collection, which I always had an affinity for wearing. I felt that the natural evolution of ME was to create a line reflecting the fluid balance between masculinity and femininity. ME+N stands for a code with ME in its essence. It’s where it meets with N, my world. ME+N captures a new desire and energy.

I am also focusing on the Spectrum Collection. The ray of light acts as a source of inspiration and directs my work. Spectrum is the collection that established me in the world of high jewelry. I revisit Spectrum with a sharp geometric approach and still interplay with light through the clarity of the diamond baguettes and their intricate cuts. Cuffs, rings, and necklaces set in yellow or black gold evolve this story.

Which piece from the collection you’re showing at COUTURE best captures your essence?

For me, each piece and every collection represents its own unique time and dedication. The essence of my craft lies in meticulous attention to detail and a constant drive to evolve. This time, I believe the revisited Spectrum collection blends the art of meaningful simplicity. Clean lines and a sharp approach come together to create an original and timeless result.

Do you have a favorite COUTURE memory from years past?

I have countless amazing memories from there but I will never forget my first COUTURE Award. After several years in the jewelry industry and receiving numerous awards, a significant milestone in my career was the honor of serving as a judge on the jewelry committee. This experience was incredibly inspiring, allowing me to view the industry from a new perspective. COUTURE has been a significant milestone in my journey, and I will always cherish the moments, the people, and the friends I have made there.

If you could only work with one gemstone for the rest of your career, which would it be? 

As a Gemini, I thrive on change and am constantly experimenting with new things. The idea of choosing just one gemstone is challenging for me because I appreciate so many. However, if I had to choose one, it would be diamonds. Their ability to radiate brilliance in an array of different shades captivates me, reflecting the multifaceted nature of my own personality.

Which artist or designer has had the most profound impact on your work?

Among others, I hold a deep admiration for the work of Francis Bacon, renowned for his unsettling imagery. Additionally, I greatly admire the sculptor Brancusi for his multifaceted talent and modern vision.

Where is your favorite place to design, and how does this space influence your creative process?

In my studio, this space resembles a playground where I can explore new materials, often ones unrelated to goldsmithing, such as glyptography and painting. This environment grants me the liberty to challenge myself continuously, exploring innovative designs, pioneering techniques, and uncharted creative paths.

What is one thing you hope people will remember about your jewelry 100 years from now?

I aspire for people to remember me as the designer whose creativity, design, and craftsmanship knew no bounds. For those who select my creations, I am certain that they will not merely remember but instead wear and treasure them through generations. I view and craft jewelry as pieces of art, transcending fleeting trends and fashion currents. To me, jewelry represents lasting value and serves as a means to distinguish oneself and express individuality. My one-of-a-kind creations embody this philosophy flawlessly, which is why I garner the attention of collectors worldwide.

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