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Article: TREND WATCH: Shells in the Snow

Woman wearing orange shell earrings

TREND WATCH: Shells in the Snow

Winter typically beckons for metals that glimmer like icicles and gems that mimic the stark beauty of frost (hello, diamonds!). However, this year, the sartorial scene is having a little fun by donning seashells, despite beaches being a distant memory. It's a nod to the '90s nostalgia, a time when shell necklaces were the epitome of cool, no matter the weather. Imagine the charm of 'Home Alone’s' Kevin McCallister if he'd accessorized his winter wardrobe with a shell choker – playfully out of place and perfectly in vogue. 

Shells have whispered the stories of the sea to humankind for millennia, transcending cultures and eras to emerge as cherished adornments. Ancient civilizations revered shells not only for their natural beauty but as symbols of wealth and status. From the cowrie shells used as currency in Africa and Asia to the campeche shells worn by Mayan elites, these oceanic gems have long been embedded in our collective adornment history. Even the Romans, with their lavish tastes, incorporated shells into their jewelry, valuing them for their supposed protective powers and connection to the water deities. As they were traded along the Silk Road, they wove a narrative of interconnectedness, with each polished piece of mother-of-pearl and every iridescent abalone fragment telling a tale of distant lands and deep waters. Today, the resurgence of shell jewelry is more than a nod to their historic allure; it's a revival of their timeless narrative, reinterpreted with a contemporary twist.

Shell jewelry this winter is more than a trend; it's a movement of mirth and irony, a fashion statement that screams, "we're ready for fun!" at any time of year. It's the sizzle of the summer barbecue that lingers when the fireplace is alight, find joy in the unexpected contrasts of life.

Christopher Thomas-Royds – The Naturalist's Craft


Christopher Thomas-Royds turns the shell motif into a fine art with his delicate interpretations. His creations are like wearable sketches from a naturalist’s journal. The pieces carry a sense of the ocean's serenity, making them a poetic juxtaposition against the starkness of winter attire. They remind us that under the snow, the beach awaits, lending a promise of warmth and natural beauty to our wintry days.

Silvia Furmanovich – The Opulent Oasis


With Silvia Furmanovich’s designs, shells are elevated to an opulent status. Her pieces are a treasure trove of craftsmanship, where each shell is set to shine against the most luxurious winter fabrics. Wearing her designs is like carrying a piece of summer with you, a personal oasis amidst the frost, a statement that the sun never really sets on style.

Jenna Blake – The Bohemian Rhapsody


Jenna Blake offers a bohemian twist on the shell trend, perfect for those who carry a song in their heart and a rhythm in their step. Her shell jewelry pairs beautifully with the layered textures of winter fashion, adding a playful lightness that dances against the heavy tapestry of winter garments. It's for the free spirit who walks in the snow but dreams of the sand.

Cadar – The Sculptural Silhouette


Cadar’s shell pieces are a masterclass in sculpture, transforming the casual shell into a statement of bold elegance. These pieces aren’t just worn; they're exhibited. Pairing them with a sleek winter coat or a chic turtleneck turns a simple outfit into a gallery of modern art. It’s a celebration of form and fashion that stands out in a season of traditional jewels.

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