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Article: GIFT GUIDE: From the Desk of Adam Glassman, Creative Director, Oprah Daily

Adam Glassman outside the MUSE Store in Manhattan.

GIFT GUIDE: From the Desk of Adam Glassman, Creative Director, Oprah Daily

When Adam Glassman, the arbiter of taste and Creative Director of Oprah Daily, decides to play Santa, you better believe the sleigh is dripping in style. Known for his impeccable eye and the man who's just a whisper away from Oprah's legendary Favorite Things, Adam has turned his discerning gaze to MUSE's treasure trove for this holiday season. 

Think about it – when someone who curates items for Oprah (yes, the Oprah) picks out favorites, you know you're not just dealing with any ordinary gift list. You're stepping into a realm where every selection is a story, every piece a conversation starter, and every recommendation a potential key to Oprah's heart. No pressure, right?

But here's the twist: While he's used to lining up goodies for Oprah's seal of approval, these picks are PURE Adam – a cocktail of sophistication, whimsy, and that Glassman sparkle.

Let's be honest, in the realm of gift-giving, Adam is the guy who can turn mind-blowing into an understatement. So, as you peruse his handpicked selections, remember: these aren't just items. They're Adam Glassman-approved items. Pieces that have been under the scrutiny of a man who knows that the difference between 'Oh, you shouldn't have!' and 'OH, YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE!' is in the details.

Get your shopping on, below.


"Chokers are a hot trend!"

Shop the Beck Scuba Choker Necklace, $4,750


"Timeless earrings!"

Shop Ten Thousand Things' Peacock Earrings, $2,550

Hanukah Tray

"Fab catch-alls for bedside tables!"

Shop SketchNYC in-store.

"You can never go wrong with bakelite!"

Shop Mark Davis

Fernando Jorge Have a Heart

"The Have a Heart Collection by Fernando Jorge is Divine!"

Shop Fernando Jorge 

Heart Signet Ring

"Fun and chic signet rings."

Shop Kwit Heart Signet Ring, $5,000


"My favorite cashmere line, LERET LERET! Cute!"

Shop LERET LERET in-store.

Paul Arnhold Glass

"Perfect vases by Paul Arnhold Glass."

Shop Paul Arnhold Glass in-store.

"Popular bracelet by Christina Alexiou!"

Christina Alexiou 7 Heart Bracelet, $5,150

Lateral Objects

"If you need some fun napkins for holiday entertaining..."

Shop Lateral Objects in-store.


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