Munnu - The Gem Palace

The Gem Palace was founded in 1852 by the Kasliwal family, long-time jewelers to the Mughal emperors of India. In 1727, Maharajah Jai Singh invited the Kasliwals to live and work in his new city, Jaipur. Jaipur was to be one of the first planned cities and a model of excellence with the best thinkers and craftspeople from all of India settled there. The family operated as the Maharajah’s crown jewelers within the palace walls until establishing their own shop in 1852. Today, ninth-generation owner Siddharth Kasliwal runs The Gem Palace in partnership with his family and continues to celebrate and develop the ideas of his late father, Munnu, in his collection Munnu Gem Palace. Inspired by influences as varying as the architecture of buildings and the veins in leaves, or the jewels of Imperial Russia and the vessels of Ancient Greece, Munnu fused his family’s tradition of the highest quality and Indian craft with a new, modern creativity. Though Munnu passed in 2012, his creative achievements survive him in the many archived pieces of his jewelry and in the prolific sketches and notes he left behind. How fitting that his jewels live on and his spirit continues to inspire Siddharth’s designs, as Munnu believed that jewelry is not just for one generation, but also for the many generations to come.